Admire Northern night sky from sauna and enjoy finnish delicacies.

In Aurorasaunas you get warm steam and you can cool down in the nature

You can feel the 100°C temperature difference!

Aurorasaunas offer you to get to know finnish sauna history and try our culture of sauna.

We guide you how to enjoy finnish sauna and you get hint of what sauna means to us, finnish people.

We serve soap and shampoos, towels and beverages.

Local sauna master take care that you get comfort sauna experience and serve best finnish hospitality.


From the sauna you get a good feeling, there you enjoy with your family and friends. In the sauna we can recharge ourselves and say: ”Oh boy this is good!”

Beverages and snacks!

The sauna is pampering for the senses. Moist and a warm steam, löyly, caresses the skin and a foot bath refreshes the toes. The smell of a snack cooking on the stove will make a good smell and a cold drink will wait in the dressing room.

Welcome to Aurorasaunas !

Feedback from our Guests

Sari demonstrated great hospitality as well as kindness to us.”

Emily Krogstad

Inhalation therapist

Sari love her place, and she love to share with people. We were glad to spend our journey with them.”

James M. Norris

Electronics engineer

”perfect for you to experience Finnish culture and get to know more about Finnish people.”

Hanna Pesonen

Crane and tower operator